How to count arc errors in RAPID?

I would like to keep track of the number of arc errors that my robot makes during the welding of a workpiece.

Currently, when an error happens, the user is presented with a dialog on the teach pendant where it is possible to move the robot out, do some manual cleaning and then resume.

I think that some output signals are set on the error, but I'm unsure how to make use of those to increment a counter in a num. My guess is that the signals are cleared once the user clicks the resume button.

Any good ideas?

BR Andreas


  • After the user makes the input to either retry or move away, increment your numeric counter.
    Lee Justice
  • @lemster68 where should I add this code to increment the counter? I guess I need to somehow catch the exception so that I have a place to add the code.
  • Since I do not see any of your code it is difficult to say.  You mentioned that there is a dialog for the user to select the course for recovery.  I would add it immediately after the choice is made by the user.
    Lee Justice
  • What system are you running? that could help with some better answers.