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How to connect a pyrosensor/meter to the controller as a digital input?

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We have an ABB welding robot (IRB 2600 1.85) and we'd like to do WAAM (metal 3D printing) experiments. For those experiments it would be handy if we could measure the temperature of the last welded layer without having to do it manually. We want to build a lowbudget pyrometer that is programmed to send a digital high/low on a certain threshold of temperature. Our idea is to do something with an Arduino. 

Is it possible to add a digital input to the IRC5 controller with an Arduino?
If so, what hardware do we need? if not, what would be a better solution?

So far as I can tell, we don't have a DSQC 652 I/O module. 
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    I've been doing some research myself and here is what I found out:

    - You need to have some I/O module like the DSQC 652 to be able to connect new I/O's
    - Arduino can do, but is not suitable for industrial use and has limited RAM (2kb). -> Rather get a Raspberry Pi or Andino.
    - You can use a relay to switch 24V on the I/O module.
    - Add new I/O in robot studio, by copying an existing one to an avaliable I/O and rename it.