Combination not supported

For a pick and place simulation I need to use IRBT6004 track and IRB6700 200/2.7. But whenever I try to add a virtual controller from layout for IRBT6004 it says "Combination not supported". Since this is a job interview review project I can't use another track but I tried to add virtual controllers to other tracks anyways and the outcome was the same. I tested with different RobotWare versions, uninstalled and reinstalled the RobotStudio on both my SSD and HDD with different locations. And everytime I tested it with both an empty station and a station with IRB6700 and neither worked. I wasn't able to find any solutions online and I really need to fix this soon. I would appreciate it if you help me fix this problem. Thanks in advance.


  • There is a IRB6700-200/2.6 or a IRB6700-300/2.7....
    Did you drag the robot onto the track in the tree and select yes to updating the position and moving the base frame before you created the virtual controller from layout?
    The virtual controller is created with no issue when I do this.