37108 Error - Lost communication: Power Supply and Computer

Help, what can this be???

I've changed the DSQC604 power supply.
Changed the DSQC627 Power supply
Changed the DSQC624 Ultracap
Changed the USB cable

Robot is in system failure, I do an I re-start but the error reappears

I've had this error a few months ago but it seemed to clear itself. Now I can't get past it...

Any ideas?


37108, Lost communication: Power Supply and Computer
 Description The main computer has lost communication with the Control Module Power Supply. Consequences The main computer cannot retrieve status info or switch the power supply off. No system data changes will be saved at power off.
Probable causes The USB cable from the main computer to the Control Module Power Supply may be faulty or disconnected, or the power supply may be faulty. Recommended actions
Before working on the system, perform a controlled shutdown to ensure all system data is correctly saved.
 1) Check the cabling and connectors to the Control Module Power Supply. 2) Check the power supply unit, and replace any faulty unit if required


  • lemster68
    lemster68 United States ✭✭✭
    Since you have already changed a lot of the boards, check that you have not overlooked one of those usb or cable connections that are mentioned, and that maybe one got misconnected to the wrong board.
    Lee Justice
  • cables are all ok. I've checked the usb female connector on the computer board and it seems ok and I have buzzed continuity OK.

    In my mind, that only leaves the DSQC 639 main computer board. I don't want to buy another in case its not though.

    I have a DSQC 639 board in my IRC5P paint robot, but I'm loathe to risk that now its working.

    An idiot question.... Is all the program and robotware etc all on the flash drive and nothing on the board itself?
    Can I just remove the flash drive and swap the board, test it, and swap it back and refit the flash drive and the paint robot will be fine?

    I know its a pretty dumb question, but if you don't know...ask!
  • lemster68
    lemster68 United States ✭✭✭
    Everything should be on the CF/SD drive.  You will might get a mismatch of information from the smb regarding smb data/cal offsets, but no big deal.  It will let you check what you need to.
    Lee Justice
  • Its worked! Swapped the 639 board in and the error has gone away.
    I can sort out a replacement.
    Put the board back in the IRC5P paint robot and all good.
    Thank you again Lee.

    Once again man has triumphed over machine!!! eventually....