Task not in TaskList error

daneo Sweden
Hi! For a university course I am tasked with creating i program to controll the YuMi robot. I have zero prior programming experience, so any help is very appreciated.

I am trying to sync the movement of the two arms on the YuMi using WaitSyncTask. When running the simulation i get the following error:

41531: Task Not In TaskList
Task: T_ROB_L.
T_ROB_L is not one of the tasks in the TaskList, or there is a mismatch between the task lists in the different tasks.
Program ref: /Module1/Path_10/WaitSyncTask/23.

- Add current task to the TaskList.
- Check that the task lists in the different tasks are similar. When using PERS variables, it might be necessary to unload the modules containing the task lists, and then reload them again.

The error looks the same for both arms, just switch T_ROB_L for T_ROB_T.
This is my code, which is identical for the two arms:

PERS tasks synclist{2} := [ ["T_ROB_L"], ["T_ROB_R"] ];
VAR syncident sync1; 

If needed i can post the rest of the code