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Superior Stop opened problem

Hey, I have a problem with the IRC5 controller. Every time when I configure SafeMove I get the event message 90541 when I start up the controller. I recognized that when I disable SafeMove the message does not appear. So, I’ve created a backup of my SafeMove configuration, and I’ve built a new one, only adding a standard tool0 to the configuration without any violations and the message appeared again. I have no idea what I’m doing wrong. Have you any ideas what can cause this message even with a blank SafeMove configuration with only a tool0 added into.


  • Check your wiring, ensure that all connections necessary are made and good connection, not loose.
    Lee Justice
  • Can you help me which wires should I check? And another question is it possible that I accidently enabled a function that opens the superior stop after starting up? 
  • Do you have the application manual for Safemove?
    Lee Justice
  • Yes, I do and I have read it. I checked the connections and everything is fine. I also got the idea to make an offline copy of the station to make sure it's not a hardware violation. After booting the virtual controller, this message still comes up. My ideas are pretty much over. The only idea I haven't checked yet is that the IRC5 is equipped with a Profisafe F-Device module and I haven't configured the safety signals and the IRC5 controller is not connected to the PLC yet. Could this be the problem?
  • Could be, I have not used the Profisafe myself before, so not much help there, sorry.
    Lee Justice
  • I have exactly the same problem. Already found a solution?