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Integrated Vision System (Troubleshoot?)


We have acquired a YuMi some months ago. However, I still cannot find the way to connect to the ”Integrated Vision System”. While trying to connect via RobotStudio, it indicates that the camera is not available on the network of the PC (in the RobotStudio indicates the MAC Address).  How can I fix this issue?

Thank you in advance!


  • revans
    What it sounds like is the camera is plugged directly into the robot local network while the computer may be plugged into the robot wan or PLC port. This will present the error you are seeing. You can fix this by plugging into the robot service port and make sure the Yumi camera is set to a 192.168.125 . 2-255 address. However it can sometimes be a firewall issue as well. Hopefully you get this up and running.