How to log the TCP speed every 0.01sec without using Multitask ()?

I've already found 2 ways to log the TCP speed.

1. Use [Signal Analyzer Online] of RobotStudio by monitoring the System AO called [TCP Speed].
2. Use [Multitask] option of IRC5 and create 2 tasks; one is the program of robot movements, and other is the logging program showing below.

  VAR iodev logfile;
  VAR clock clkv;
  ! Logging TCP Speed from System Analog Output every 5 [ms] using multitasking
  PROC main()
    ClkReset clkv;
    ClkStart clkv;
    ! Create log file named "TCPSPEEDLOG_[DATE][TIME].csv"
    Open "HOME:" \File:="TCPSPEEDLOG_"+StrPart(CDate(),1,4)+StrPart(CDate(),6,2)+StrPart(CDate(),9,2)+StrPart(CTime(),1,2)+StrPart(CTime(),4,2)+StrPart(CTime(),7,2)+".csv", logfile \Write;
    Write logfile, "TCP Speed Log";
    Write logfile, CDate()+","+CTime();
    Write logfile, "";
    Write logfile, "Time [s],TCP Speed [mm/s],TCP Speed Reference [mm/s]";
    ! Stop iteration when TASK "T_ROB1" is terminated by checking with DO112. 
    WHILE DO112=0 DO  
      Write logfile, ValToStr(ClkRead(clkv\HighRes))+","+ValToStr(AOutput(TCP_Speed)*1000)+","+ValToStr(AOutput(TCP_Speed_Reference)*1000);
      WaitTime 0.01;
    Close logfile;
    TPWrite "FINISHED!";
    ClkStop clkv;
    ClkReset clkv;