BULLSEYE Lost the Value arguments @ BE_Data_T_ROB.SYS

 $HOME/BULLSEYE/Be_Data_T_Rob2.SYS the local constants: "CONST pos CurToolList" , "CONST be_reftool RefToolList", "be_refpos RefPosList" and "be_refbeam RefBeamList" are "0" the arguments of those constants.

 I tried to copy and paste the arguments from a Backup that has the correct number but it did not save it to controller so it keep doing the same thing any one can help on this? that has experience on Bullseye! 




  • lemster68
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    What version of robot controller?  IRC5?  Load the module using robotstudio.
    Lee Justice
  • As there is a Home reference it is important to do as lemster suggests! Especially if modules are automatically loaded at startup.
  • Hello SomeTekk and lemster68, This is a IRC5 with 2 welding robots connected to that Controller Working on Robotware 5.11, I did not know that module can be loaded!. Do I load normally from Robot Studio conntected to controller right click on TROB Task and Load Module? I though it was only a data reference the manual said this about that data file and that is the one I've got problems with.  

    The data is stored in a text file on the robot controller. The format of the file represents a RAPID module allowing BullsEye to read the data into the controller when it needs to access the saved data. The file is stored in the following directory, with a name like, $HOME\BullsEye® \BE_Data_T_ROB1.sys, where T_ROB1 is the name of the task. Each robot task that is using BullsEye will have its own data file. The directory path may not be changed.


  • SomeTekk
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    From an RW 5 parameter manual, Topic; Controller, Type; Automatic Loading of Modules

    Type description
    RAPID modules can be loaded automatically when the controller is restarted if they
    are specified in the type Automatic Loading of Modules.
    There must be one instance of the type Automatic Loading of Modules for each of
    the module to be loaded.
    System restart
    All changes in the type Automatic Loading of Modules will take effect after a normal
    restart or a restart of the program server (P-start).

    Parameter; File
    The parameter File describes a path to the module file.
    Allowed values
    A path, for example, HOME:base.sys

    Possibly in your case:


    A working example: