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Joint Torque monitor by ROS

Hello. We are using ABB robot IRB120 and I need to get the joints motors torque, so is there a way to get the values using a certain rostopic or service from the ABB package. I know that there is a function in RAPID programming. But if there's no direct way to get the joint torque, is there a way to get the value from the RAPID to ROS ? 
Thanks in advance


  • GetMotorTorque is used to read the current torque of the robot and external axes motors.

    GetMotorTorque is primarily used to detect if a servo gripper holds a load or not.

    Basic examples

    The following example illustrates the function GetMotorTorque.

    See also More examples.

    Example 1

    VAR num motor_torque2;

    motor_torque2 := GetMotorTorque(2);

    The current motor torque of the second axis of the robot is stored in motor_torque2.