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How do I make a snake-like path for an object?


I'm new to RobotStudio. I am working on a project that requires the robot tool to trace a model like a snake-like pattern.Something like the attached picture. I think I could probably manually map out each target points, however I would like to ask if the community has a better idea on how I can do this quicker.


  • Create a wobj for the part and use offsets. Your first point will be your reference for all other offsets. When modifying you will only need to modify the first(reference point) and if your wobj is correct, the rest will be also correct. 
  • Awesome! Thanks for the help @jmf! If I would like to trace along a cylinder in the same manner, how should I go about it?
  • The same principle applies to the circle except now you will have to have the radius of the circle. With both, you can use the Search1D function to find the wobj points (X1, X2, Y1) to calculate the wobj. If you have this function available. With the Circle you will have to have a fixed point, where the Circle will always be similarly referenced to that point. When you do have the Circle fixed and you know the radius roughly, you can use the Wobj and the Offs function to do the rest. Easiest. You will also need to modify at least the start point after this but can be done by the Robot with a search also. Hope it makes sense.