How to get Rapid equivalent string from a RsPathProcedure class

I created RsPathProcedure class instance and added a RsMoveInstruction to its instruction collection, how to get the string equivalent to its Path procedure Rapid code from that class.

for example if following is the RsPathProcedure class and its Rapid equivalent,

RsPathProcedure pathProcedure = new RsPathProcedure(Path_000_);
RsMoveInstruction moveInstruction = new RsMoveInstruction(station.ActiveTask, "Move", "Default", MotionType.Linear, "wobj0", robTarget.Name, "tool0");
 moveInstruction.InstructionArguments["Speed"].Value = "v200";
 moveInstruction.InstructionArguments["Zone"].Value = "z1";

"PROC Path_000_()
  MoveL TragetPoint1,v200,z1,tool0\WObj:=wobj0;

how to get directly this string from that class or is there any function which is returning this string.