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Flexpendant Debugging

I am trying to debug the flexpendant through Visual studio 2005.

I have followed the example in the RAB user guide with the 
According to that example the
-Robot has IP:
-FlexP has IP:

Normally the service port has IP ->
So in that case I suppose I should use
-Robot IP:
-FlexP IP:

When I try to connect/attach to process i get:
Cennection failed, unit not ready...

What do you suggest I try?

Kind regards Peter


  • You must use the IP addresses described in the documentation. The FlexPendant has a static IP address, your PC IP address must be one on the 126 subnet, i.e. 192.168.126.x (not 1 or 255).

    Note that this setup is completely independent of the LAN and Service ports. You are plugging the TPU cable from the RCC into the switch, a cable from the switch to the RCC, and a cable from your PC to the switch.

    A connection over the LAN port is optional, but useful, as you may need to use RSO or FTP at the same time. To use both connections, your PC requires two NICs.

    It is also vital that you install the .Net Compact Framework 2.0 SP1 on your PC, as this will fix a connection-related issue as well.

    RussD2007-5-14 15:4:32
    Russell Drown