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(Robot Web Services) Set Robo Target Position does nothing

Hey, I'd like to remotely set the RobTarget through a Unity application. I've been able to set mechanical units and perform jogging, but submitting a "Set Robo Target Position" request does nothing; the request is accepted, returns a 204 and it is registered by the controller, but there are no changes in my station.

I might be misunderstanding the purpose of that request in which case I want to ask, how can I set the position and orientation of only the robot's tool via Robot Web Services? And  do I need to do anything specific within the VirtualFlexPendant before I send the request? I want to set the XYZ and orientation of the tool and have the rest of the joints adjust to the new position as if I were performing a Linear Jog from RS.

To clarify, I'm just trying the request in Postman for now so I haven't modified it in any way. I'm just submitting the example curl request with different values. I'm also working with a VC and logging in as a default user.


  • davidmalott
    edited November 2023
    Yep - I spent a lot of time getting to a 204 and it does nothing for me, either. I had assumed it would move the robot to the specified target...