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Visual SafeMove Set Tool Position Supervision Properties and sent singal to PLC

Hi all,

I'm trying to configure safety communication between IRC5 and S7 1500 PLC. So far all went ok.
I can send eStop and doors status to robot and base on Stop configuration on Visual safemove I trigger stops category 1 and 0 and Robot stops as expected etc....
The problem which I experience is with safety output to PLC.
I did configure robot and tool geometry. Then I created the Safe Zone which I called Machine Frame. This zone is "PermanentlyActive" see Picture no.1

When I run simulation Picture no.3 my Function Active status and Singal from Violation Status work perfectly however When I'm on the real robot I don't see signals they all 0alle the time. Robots act ok,  stops whenever the zone is reached.

Did someone have similar issues Do I miss something?