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FANUC IN ABB RobotStudio

Hello! My name is Cristian. I'm doing a project in RobotStudio as a student. After assembling a robotic cell in the CATIA program, I imported the entire product into RobotStudio. For my application I used 2 similar robots from the manufacturer FANUC (more precisely FANUC M410iC 185). I know that ROBOTstudio software is originally for ABB robots.

And hence my question ... is it possible to create a robot-type mechanism for FANUC in this software?

Initially I tried to use physics joint for each component, but in the end I dont understand how I can move the robot's axis according to the active ones :J1, J2, J3, J4

Then I tried to use the robot mechanism in the "create mechanism" window. I created a link for each component of the robot (11 results). After that I tried to give a joint between each link.

Everything works fine until I have to join the links of  "closed kinematic chain of the robot"
         I will attach below a picture with the numbered links to make me better understand..

What I mean is that when I make  joints for this links:
1-2; 2-3; 3-5; 5-6; 6-1 ..... this error appears at the last united component after i press apply.
( The red dots are placed to represent the necessary joints:

2 for 2*     ; 2/3 for 5*    ;3/5 for 4*        ;5/6 for 3*      ;6/1 for 1* )

Am I doing something wrong? At least Is it possible to configure a FANUC robot in ABB RobotStudio to function as a normal ABB Robot or my attempt is futile? Did someone make this happen before ?

Thank you so much