Moving programs from 6 axis robot to 4 axis robot

I'm using a 6 axis robot in a steel tubing bundling application and want to replace it with a IRB 660 Packaging robot. I have a different program for every size tubing and bundle. they're all identical except for the offsets of the place position. because the Robtargets have degree data eg:1515.01,-21.28,736.12],[0.705967,0.006748,0.708213,0.000155],[-1,-1,0,1],[9E+09,9E+09,9E+09,9E+09,9E+09,9E+09]];
a 4 axis robot can't use all that angle data so do I only need to change the robtargets. ( only use 2) for it to work with the 4 axis robot? 
IRB6600-175/2.8   S4CPLUS M2000
IRB 660-180/3.15  IRC5

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  • graemepaulin
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    A robtarget has the x, y, z co-ordinates and rotation relative to a workobject or the base of the robot, no joint angles. So as long as the robtarget is reachable it will work with the 4 axis IRB660 (as the IRB660 can only move with tool flange parallel to the ground you will not reach any robtarget that are at an angle).