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GSDML For 888-2 Profinet option

Hello to Members..
i am working on IRB 6700 with robotware 6.12. Main computer DSQC 1018, 
LAN3 port is attached to Phoenix Contact (Ethernet Switch), LAN2 Port is attahed to IO Unit DSQC1030. Only available port is WAN port.Profinet Controller/Device option 888-2 option is installed.
Vendor provided GSDML files for 888-2 option is "GSDML-V2.33-ABB Robotics-Robot Device-2017" which i checked and found gsdml file is for 888-3 option.
For Anybus DSQC688 GSDML is "GSDML-V2.0-PNET-Anybus-2010".

I tried to connect ABB with Siemens PLC using provided gsdml files, but plc gives error of faulty module/module doesn't exist.
i doubted the error is cause of provided gsdml is for 888-3 and gsdml file for 888-2 will be different, but vendor claims same gsdml file runs for both configurations.

Morover no DSQC688 card is installed on the main computer. I configured the LAN3 port as Profinet port with station name. 
Can i connect PLC on Phoenix Contact ethernet switch or need to connect directly on LAN3 port?
GSDML files for 888-3 and 888-2 are same? 


  • When you install robotware it will put the gsdml here:

    C:\Users\yourusernamehere\AppData\Local\ABB Industrial IT\Robotics IT\RobotWare\RobotWare_6.12.3010\utility\service\GSDML
    Lee Justice