PIB Backup with Tera Term

I performed a backup of a PIB on a paint bot using Tera Term and I got the following error for one of the nodes:

too many files in folder - '/ftclient/can1/Node9/flashb'

We have been able to backup this node with no issue for years but now it won't back up. When I take a backup from RobotStudio, node 9 is always empty, no files. Does anyone know how to look at the files on node 9 using Tera Term or any other software? I want to see what the files are and try to delete the ones not used.

Thank you for the help.


  • I have an IRC5P and first tried to access the original nodes with tera term, but couldn't see much.
    Node 9 is the PPRU, proportional pressure regulator. The configuration files are on the PIB which are easily accessed via Robview.
    If you do a backup from Robotstudio, the PIB isn't backed up.
    If you do a backup from the teach pendant, then the PIB is backed up in that backup

    I hope that helps
  • When I've looked at Node 9 on Filezilla, its also always empty
  • B744Heavy
    B744Heavy Everett Wa
    Thanks for your replies. We have 2 PPRUs, node 9 and node 10. Both have always been able to be backed up regardless of how the backup is done. Node 9 is now empty in a backup due to the error message in the OP. Still a mystery to me.