Motor Torque using GetMotorTorque VS GetJointData

Why dose the GetMotorTorque(1) produce a different value than the GetJointData \MechUnit:=ROB_1, 1 \Torque:=torque both are specified in the manual as measured in NM?

GetJointData \MechUnit:=ROB_1, 1 \Torque:=torque
produces the same result as 
TestSignDefine 1, 4002, ROB_1, 1, 0;

IRB360_6_1600 Real Robot stopped at axis[0,0,0,0]
GetJointData and TestSignDefine :=0.308224

Manual states that GetMotorTorque can be monitored by signal 2000

I have opened a ticket with ABB regarding this and will post their response if they get back to me.


  • Kienan123
    edited February 2022

    The ABB support line was not able to provide a response But a contact at ABB was able to answer my question.


    The signal used to capture Torque data with GetJointdata “4002” is different than the signal used when capturing Getmotortorque “2000” due to its relationship of where the torque is being calculated.


    The general difference is that the torque is calculated on the arm side while in the other it is on the motor side

    The current torque in Nm of the of the stated axis of the robot or external axis on
    the arm side.

    The function reads the current filtered motor torque applied on the motors of the
    robot and external axes.


    Values are only calculated. There is no real absolute torque measurement.
    Maximum torque differs dependent on used payload and arm configuration the same for acceleration.