Motor Torque using GetMotorTorque VS GetJointData

Why dose the GetMotorTorque(1) produce a different value than the GetJointData \MechUnit:=ROB_1, 1 \Torque:=torque both are specified in the manual as measured in NM?

GetJointData \MechUnit:=ROB_1, 1 \Torque:=torque
produces the same result as 
TestSignDefine 1, 4002, ROB_1, 1, 0;

IRB360_6_1600 Real Robot stopped at axis[0,0,0,0]
GetJointData and TestSignDefine :=0.308224

Manual states that GetMotorTorque can be monitored by signal 2000

I have opened a ticket with ABB regarding this and will post their response if they get back to me.