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EGM Error Code 41822 No data from the UdpUC device

Hello everyone, 

I am encountering a problem with the EGM package using the .NET platform. 

To be specific, I have tested the data streaming, and It works just fine, but the motion guidance test is failed with no package is sent to the robot controller. 

As checked using Wireshark, I found that the package actually is sent to the robot controller. I just wondering if the network transmission frames are in order of receiver and sender sockets as KUKA.RSI option, which has the same function and implementation as EGM and Is there any possible mistakes in the complied message. 

  • Wireshark with ABB
  • Wireshark with KUKA

Here are some pictures of the RAPID code and also the compiled messages from the Protobuf. 

  • Compiled messages (above is a sent package to the robot, below is the received  package)

  • Rapid code

Any helps would be really appreciated.  Thank you. 

Best Regards,