Is it possible to use PCSDK to get RAPID memory?

Is it possible to use PCSDK to get RAPID memory like that shown in system info on the TPU?

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  • Doyel Joseph
    Doyel Joseph admin
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    Possibly it is possible to find it with something like this, but I am not able to test on an RC

    var mgr = new DeviceManager(_controller);
    foreach (IDeviceNode child in mgr.GetChildren())

    if (child is IPropertyNode)
    IPropertyNode prop = (IPropertyNode)child;


    Doyel Joseph 
    PC Software Support Engineer


  • Hi Doyel,

    I tried your code on an RC. 2 IDeviceNode are found with name "Hardware devices" and "Software resources", but neither is IPropertyNode. Is there anything else to try?
  • Hi Doyel again,

    After understanding your method, I got the memory information. Thank you very much!

    I also wonder if it is possible to get the serial number information by PCSDK. Or how to get "Controller properties" or "System properties"?