Multitasking in Tasks

Hello to members..
as a student of programming on ABB robot i am facing a little confusion regarding multitasking. Robot has to grab points (xyz) coordinates from PLC and will follow the path or point of drilling.
First i write a code in normal way, grab x,y,z coordinates data from plc and put "wait time" command after grabbing every value input X,Y and Z. 
Add these values into trans.x, trans.ytrans.z to define robtarget for the ABB. which also needs to add up "wait time" command. Adding this much "wait time" commands are mandatory because the robtarget register does not update itself that fast and robot misses its new position. and adding that much time delay makes the proces slow.
Using Multitasking option, when I define new tasks and define them as background and foreground, it is said that background will execute only when foreground execution is finished.  In my scenario, if I dedicate one task for coordinate extraction just and second main task for movement of robot and drilling at that point (let suppose 20 drill holes).
The robot have to wait the time the coordinate extraction task will take to read the coordinates and update the robtarget for robot. 
What will be the improvement in speed of process using multitasking?


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    Hi lordsikander,

    could post the code from your projekt. Did you declare the robtarget as pers?
    Normaly when i have to wait for signals or other values in robot task, im using signals as handshake. When you write first the values to the robtarget and then set an signal high, after the signal is high the robot will move.

    Better you send the code here, for better understanding.

    mfg Bulli