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DSQC2000 CTM - Queue tracking mode not as manual indicates


Has anyone had luck getting the c1PosInJobQ = 1 mode operating as the manual suggests. I have no problems collecting the latched value out of c1CntFromEnc and writing it to c1CntToEnc. But strobing c1CntToEncStr doesn't create an object in the queue (c1ObjectsInQ stays at 0). And regardless if c1PosInJobQ is 0 or 1, triggering the sync signal creates a new object in the queue.

Is the queue tracking mode a DSQC377-only thing? Or am I missing something obvious with this? My controller is running RW 6.12.

Appreciate any advice.

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  • bharrisau
    Answer ✓
    Solved this now (with a workaround).

    I tried updating RW to the latest 6.13 and starting from clean settings - that didn't help.

    I ended up making a GI c1CntFromEncIn and a GO c1CntFromEncOut - crosslinking them - and assigning c1CntFromEncIn in to the ICI1 unit instead of c1CntFromEnc directly from the CTM1. Now I can do something like this.

    CONNECT NewObj WITH NewObjOnConvey;
    ISignalGI c1CntFromEnc, NewObj;

    TRAP NewObjOnConvey
    ! A new object is detected; Read its position from input group signal
    ObjectPosition := GInputDnum(c1CntFromEnc);

    TRAP TrackNewObj
    ! To add a selected object to the queue, write the encoder counts out
    SetGO c1CntFromEncOut, ObjectPosition;

    -Name "CNV1C" -Res "c1CntFromEncIn" -Act1 "c1CntFromEncOut"

    -Name "c1CntFromEncOut" -SignalType "GO"
    -Name "c1CntFromEncIn" -SignalType "GI"

    -name "ICI1" -connected_signal "c1Connected" -position_signal "c1Position"\
    -velocity_signal "c1Speed" -position_count_signal "c1Counts"\
    -velocity_count_signal "c1CountsPerSec" -null_speed_signal "c1NullSpeed"\
    -wait_wobj_signal "c1WaitWObj" -drop_wobj_signal "c1DropWObj"\
    -rem_all_pobj_signal "c1RemAllPObj" -rem_one_pobj_signal "c1Rem1PObj"\
    -supervise_max_dist_off -newobj_strobe "c1NewObjStrobe"\
    -count_to_enc_strobe "c1CntToEncStr" -obj_in_queue_signal "c1ObjectsInQ"\
    -pos_in_jobq_signal "c1PosInJobQ" -count_from_enc "c1CntFromEncIn"\
    -count_to_enc "c1CntToEnc" -CountsPerMeter 9976 -StartWinWidth 0.5\
    -speed_filter_bandwidth "c1SpeedBandWidth"