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Dynamic Effect Simulation with Different Tool Weight

In RobotStudio I can change the weight of the tool, but I'm not seeing any difference with different tool weights (eg. 1kg and 100kg) in terms of trajectory tracking performance (with constant load data in RADID). 

The physics option of the tool is grayed out once attached to the robot. Is RobotStudio capable of simulating robot dynamics?


  • As RobotStudio has no feedback from the motors it will take the theoretical trajectory as determined by the motion computer.
    I would expect a tool of 1 kg would give a marginally shorter cycle time than a 100 kg tool as it will take longer to accelerate and decelerate the larger mass - RobotStudio should show this as the motion computer will be adjusting the acceleration/deceleration the same as the real robot.

    If the tool and load data (and any arm loads) are correctly defined there should be very little difference between the theoretical path shown in RobotStudio and the path taken by the real robot.