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IoT Server 1.1.00 / Robotware 6.12.02 / No tags shown in UAExpert or other OPC-UA Client

We just installed IoT Server. We can link it to a controller. We can establish a connection to the server & discover the model. But: no tags shown & if trying to subscribe to any item, response is "BadNodeIdUnknown".
Any idea what´s wrong?

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  • Doyel Joseph
    Doyel Joseph admin
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    Hi , 

    There is a bug for IoT Gateway 1.1 which was recently identified. There are connection issues when the controller ID field is filled in. This bug will be fixed in the next version of IoT gateway that is 1.2 . The workaround for this issue until the release of new version is as follows.

    When you are connection to a Virtual Controller or a real controller please make sure that the field 'Controller ID',  is kept empty. When connecting to a virtual controller you have an option to un check the fields, but when using a real controller it is automatically filled in. P lease follow the steps  in the PDF Document attached below, to remove 'controller ID' field. 

    Best regards,  
    Doyel Joseph 
    PC Software Support Engineer


  • Hello,

    Please make sure you have the proper options in the controller for IoT Gateway.

    Refer to the manual on what the options are.

    Maxim Riabichev
    PC Software Support Engineer
  • We have options 616-1 PC Interface & 1582-1 IoT Data Gateway (BTW: updated to 6.13.1 in the meantime, so option OPC server was replaced by IoT Gateway)
  • Hi, 

    Are you using A real controller or a virtual controller ? 
    Doyel Joseph 
    PC Software Support Engineer
  • I have been trying both.