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Robot Studio Freezing When Using Physics

Forge_Engineering Mackay, QLD, Australia

I'm trying to use the Physics in RobotStudio 2021.4 and whenever I try to create a cable or set an object's physics to 'dynamic', RobotStudio just freezes. I have to close it and reopen it. 
I have tried reinstalling RobotStudio to no avail, and the issue was present for me in other versions. I'm running an i7-10700 2.9Ghz Processor and 64Gb of RAM with an NVidia Quadro P2200, so I doubt hardware is the issue. 
Has anyone else encountered this, and how did they fix it? 


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  • Forge_Engineering
    Forge_Engineering Mackay, QLD, Australia
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    I've figure out it is due to using a custom user library for a gantry system, not an issue with RobotStudio. If the gantry library is not loaded I don't get the issues with the physics system. I'll have to rebuild the library and see if that fixes it.