Help with some issues

Hello all,

I have a problem while programing with robotstudio.

When using the instruction offset as follows:

MoveJ Offs(Pos10,500,500,200),v500,z1,tVacuum\WObj:=wobjInFeeder;

The robot does not move and neither gives errors due to the work space. When I tried to highlight the point associated to that instruction it does not appear, and if I execute the path it ignores that instruction and continues with the next point to reach. 

In addition I want to know what is the best way to read the value of an analog input to do something similar to:

MoveJ Offs(Pos10,AInput(AI_0),AInput(AI_1),0),v500,z1,tVacuum\WObj:=wobjInFeeder;

Hope you know how to help me and thanks for you attention! 


  • Hi Pedro,
    try changing 'z1' to 'fine', set the program pointer at the instruction and execute it step by step (not play). The robot should move to that point and also the program pointer.
  • Have you created a robtarget for Pos10?

    You will need to assign the value of the analogue input to a number variable, then use the number variable in the Offs. 
    VAR num NumX;
    VAR num NumY;
    MoveJ Offs(Pos10,NumX,NumY,0),v500,z1,tVacuum\WObj:=wobjInFeeder;