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Cyclic FlexPendant speed to PLC


Hello. I am new in robot programming.

I would like to ask you for a help.

I need to read out FlexPendant speed and send it out to the PLC. Reading and sending is actually working, but in one procedure which I created. I used for it CSpeedOverride() function. I dont know how to do it on cyclic period during whole program execution. Does exist such a ,,background task" which will be reading and sending this value all the time?

Thank you very much for any ideas.

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  • lemster68
    lemster68 ✭✭✭
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    Yes, you could make a Background task IF you have the Multitasking option.  Otherwise you could program a cyclic interrupt.
    Lee Justice
  • SomeTekk
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    Setting up tasks

    From the App Manual Controller Software IRC5

    Follow this instruction when adding a new task to your system.

    1. Define the new task by adding an instance of the system parameter type Task, in the topic Controller.

    2. Set the parameter Type to NORMAL.

      This will make it easier to create and test the modules in the task.

    3. Create the modules that should be in the task, either from the FlexPendant or offline, and save them.

    4. In the system parameters for topic Controller and type Automatic loading of Modules, specify all modules that should be preloaded to the new task.

      For NORMAL tasks the modules can be loaded later, but STATIC or SEMISTATIC tasks the modules must be preloaded.

    5. Stop the controller.

    6. In Motors on state, test and debug the modules until the functionality is satisfactory.

    7. Change the parameters Type and TrustLevel to desired values (e.g. SEMISTATIC and SysFail).

    8. Restart the system.


  • Matisek
    Thank you. Yes we have multitasking option, but unfortunately I cannot find how to create Background task :( . Is the procedure the same as for normal task?

    Thank a lot!
  • SomeTekk
    Sorry for the delay.

    It is suggested to follow the instructions as detailed above.

    Step 7 is the key. That is where task type, normal, semi-static, static, is configured. Semi-static and static are the available background task types.