How to get signals from "Palletizing power pack"'s stuff?

Hi! I'm trying to program robot to pick things up with vacuum gripper.
The algoritm which I want to make is simple:
1. Put the tool onto position above object;
2. Start moving down untill pressure sensor will detect collision with object;
3. Activate the tool and replace object.

I downloaded and installed "Palletizing power pack". I put "Vacuum 2x3" from "Import library" -> "Equipment" (I can't import "FlexGripper 2.0" because of "The file SC_VolumeGripper.rslib could not be found" error which is yet another one issue with the power pack).

The first issue which I met was that robot didn't got the information about the tool. I saw in tutorial videos that after attaching a welding tool to robot it starts moving based on the iformation about the tool. With vacuum gripper attached robot moves like no tool attached. "moveL" and "moveJ" commands in RAPID move the "hand" to given coordinates but the tool goes further - into object.

I solved it by creating new tooldata.

Now I want to use "searchL" command for the second step. But I don't see a variable for the signal from pressure sensor. I have no "diVacuum" signal.