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WG problem


Im commissioning an IRB2600ID with fronius for MIG/MAG app.And im having 2 problems with Weldguide tracking system.Firstly, in the manual (3HAC054886-001), says that to calibrate I need to zero the offset, then change Sensor 1 calibrated to False, restart the controller and having a new offset.After doing all that, my value is zero, as in the beginning.This mean that calibration is not acquired ?

Secondly, my welding current differ between weldguide sensor reading and Fronius Power Source.For example when im having a current of 165A in Fronius PS, in the FP Weldguide Window I have a current of 380A.

Probably im missing something out, so if any of you faced this problem, I'll be grateful for any advice given,

Thanks in advance :)