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IRC5 correct PROFINET internal device software version

I am making school project and I want to configure IRC5 as PROFINET device to communicate with Siemens S7-1200 PLC.
I configured IRC5 according to  Application manual PROFINET Controller/Device
(Document id: 3HAC065546-001Revision K)
IRC 5 has option 888-3, robotware version is 6.13.01
I imported GSD file named GSDML-V2.33-ABB-Robotics-Robot-Device-20180814 from robot controller into TIA portal V15.
In I/O engineering tool I have set IP, mask, name and 64 bytes for input and output.
I did the same in TIA portal.
But I just can't get connection to work and something caught my eye.
I/O engineering tool says that software version for PN Internal device is V1.2
But in device catalogue in TIA portal I have option Basic 1.4 and Energy 1.4
Is it possible, that difference in versions is the reason for TIA portal not communicating with IRC5?
Why is I/O engineering tool showing version 1.2 but GSD file says version 1.4?


  • If your robot controller is running basic 1.2 you have the wrong GSDML file if it’s suggesting 1.4.
    It won’t work.
    If I remember correctly the date on the basic 1.2 gsdml was 2017 something.
    If you have a real controller you can get the gsdml file from the robot ftp.
    *system*/Product/Robotware/Utility/Fieldbus I think the directory is. 
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