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Abb Integrated vision without cognex camera

Hi everyone, 
I am new to integrated vision 
I work on a project to detect objects with an irb 1200 and a camera, I know the ABB robot came with its own solution (Cognex camera) but I want to use another camera. 

Thank you for your help in advance


  • ABB Integrated vision won't work without a compatible abb camera.
    I have heard from abb that the rebranded cognex cameras have a special firmware making them work with robotstudio, so a standard cognex camera won't connect with integrated vision.
    (Please correct me if this is wrong)
    If you want to use another camera you have to use a different software to handle the camera. 
    Systemintegrator - Web / C# / Rapid / Robotstudio

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  • This is true of the cameras to work with Pickmaster.

    From the Integrated Vision Manual:
    The purpose of ABB’s Integrated Vision system is to provide a robust and
    easy-to-use vision system for general purpose Vision Guided Robotics (VGR)

    The system includes a complete software and hardware solution that is fully
    integrated with the IRC5 robot controller and the RobotStudio programming
    environment. The vision capability is based on the Cognex In-Sight® smart camera
    family, with embedded image processing and an Ethernet communication interface.

    RobotStudio is equipped with a vision programming environment that exposes the
    full palette of Cognex EasyBuilder® functionality with robust tools for part location,
    part inspection and identification. The RAPID programming language is extended
    with dedicated instructions and error tracing for camera operation and vision
  • Thank you all for your help