Make a TPS-label visible/unvisible.

Hey everyone!

I'm sitting here with my first trial ScreenMaker-project and I wondered how I can maka a TPS-label visible. #newbie :)

When clicking down the droplist for Visible under properties I can only choose "Bind to a application variable".
I've created a virtual output signal in my system, and code to set it, and I want to show the label when the signal is 1 (High).

Does anybody have a quick solution/answer to it?

Many thanks in advance!

// Joakim.


  • Tompanhuhu
    Tompanhuhu Sweden
    You have to create a Application Variable that's type bool.

    Then you add a Conditional trigger to your screen.

    Then in the properties of your new condition trigger, change Condition to OR.
    Bind LHS to your digital signal.
    Bind Value to your new Application Variable. 

    Then bind your label's visibility to your Application Variable. 

    It should work, good luck!
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