Virtual Flex Pendant vs Actual Flex Pendant TPwrite

I have a semistatic task that checks to see if an io changes. When the io changes, it performs a tpwrite "IO changed" message. When I run it in RobotStudio and use a virtual flex pendant, it seems to work as desired. I trigger the io and then the message prints on the virtual pendant. When I run this on the actual IRC5 controller, I trigger the io and it doesn't show up on the flex pendant. If I click to a different window on the flex pendant (like program data) and then back to the message screen then the message is there.

It seems that everything in the code is working. I stepped through it. It just seems that the screen isn't refreshing the message until I go to a different screen and then back.

Any ideas on how to correct this?


  • BryanRobot
    I also tried
     UIMsgBox \Header:= "IO_change", "The IO changed." \Buttons:=btnNone \Icon:=iconInfo \MaxTime:=3 \BreakFlag:=err_var

    This also worked on simulation in robotstudio. The robotstudio is running a backup of the IRC5 so it should be the same. However, it didn't pop up the msg box like it did on the virtual pendant. However, if I put the UIMsgBox command after a TPWrite. It writes the TPWrite to the messages on the pendant. So it looks like the UIMsgBox is forcing the print buffer to clear for the TPWrite. But I never see the UIMsgBox on the actual pendant.
  • lemster68
    lemster68 ✭✭✭
    Try using TPShow instruction.
    Lee Justice