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Virtual Controller Startup Issue - non-admin account

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I’m having trouble getting RobotStudio to run virtual controllers for non-admin accounts. Has anyone else encountered this issue? Running as an admin seems to correct but isn't a solution for users with non-admin accounts.

 Starting a virtual controller will yield the following popups:

 "RobVC::Launch: vcrunLoadSystem failed to load dll, e.g. unresolved symbols."


This popup duplicated in the output pane:

4/18/2022 4:10:58 PM

There was a problem when starting the virtual controller

 The release directory


is missing or corrupt, and cannot be used when launching a VC.

Update 2/2/23-solution below

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  • XNOR
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    Update - we finally got a solution working with our ABB support and our IT security team. Our security software was preventing the virtual controllers .dll from running. IT was able to watch a log of what was blocked when we tried starting a VC. You can also reference the .dlls being launched from the log RobotStudio can generate (File>Help>Support Tool>Fault Log Files Tab). NOTE - our system had to have a whitelist rule with a wildcard as each version of robotware is running from a different pathname.

    Good luck 


  • Hello. 

    It seems that i have same problem.

    Does anybody know how to solve these problems?
  • I have been in touch with my local ABB, and have sended XNOR´s solution to them to solve if we have same issue going on.

    Hopefully we have same issue with security softaware 🤞
  • ABB can't do anything about your security software -- You've got to get your IT team to create the exception.