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Don't allow LED changing I/O state

What I'd like to accomplish:
Either in Auto mode, or in both Auto/Manual, disallow controls linked to I/O from changing the state of the connected controller I/O.

Why setting them to 'disabled' in the properties is not good enough:
The text description of the 'LED' control is grayed out to a degree that makes it very hard to read. If only the 'LED' icon was dimmed, but the text remained black, then that would work.

Is there a trick that could be used to keep users from setting I/O during Auto mode? Making a panel overlay the screen with a transparent back-color is not allowed. I haven't figured out any other hacks to accomplish this. 

- Jay


  • Tompanhuhu
    Have you tried changing access rights on the signals in the robotcontroller?
    There you can block signals from being changed in auto or/and manualmode. 
    But still allow rapid to change signal states. 
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