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3D Printing PowerPac error - No layers detected

Hello, I am trying to make 3D printing of continuous cylinder, so it has a little shift in each point on Z axis, I have made a GCODE for that using Autodesk Fusion, but once I load it into 3DP PowerPac and make “Check reach” - it comes back with an error “Layer information missing in file”. How to make it see the “layer information” if there are no layers, in fact there is only one continuous layer to the top with a shift on Z axis. Or how to modify program, so it will make further conversion our points into RAPID?
Here is the part of a GCODE that we are using:
M140 S85
M104 S250 T0
M190 S85
M109 S250 T0
G92 E0
;Part 1
;Layer : 1 of 100
G28 Z0
G1 F6000
G28 X0 Y0
G0 X394.705 Y411.648 Z0
G1 F1800 E0
G1 X411.648 Y394.705 Z0.278 E1220.282
G1 X431.276 Y380.961 Z0.556 E2440.678
G1 X452.988 Y370.837 Z0.833 E3660.757
G1 X476.132 Y364.636 Z1.111 E4881.021
G1 X500 Y362.548 Z1.389 E6101.26
G1 X523.868 Y364.636 Z1.667 E7321.497
G1 X547.012 Y370.837 Z1.944 E8541.756
G1 X568.726 Y380.963 Z2.222 E9761.998
G1 X588.352 Y394.705 Z2.5 E10982.235
G1 X605.295 Y411.648 Z2.778 E12202.518
G1 X619.039 Y431.276 Z3.056 E13422.913
G1 X629.163 Y452.988 Z3.333 E14642.992
G1 X635.364 Y476.132 Z3.611 E15863.257
G1 X637.452 Y500 Z3.889 E17083.496
G1 X635.364 Y523.868 Z4.167 E18303.732
G1 X629.163 Y547.012 Z4.444 E19523.992
G1 X619.037 Y568.726 Z4.722 E20744.232
G1 X605.295 Y588.352 Z5 E21964.471
G1 X588.352 Y605.295 Z5.278 E23184.752
G1 X568.724 Y619.039 Z5.556 E24405.15
G1 X547.012 Y629.163 Z5.833 E25625.227
G1 X523.868 Y635.364 Z6.111 E26845.494
G1 X500 Y637.452 Z6.389 E28065.73
G1 X476.132 Y635.364 Z6.667 E29285.969
G1 X452.988 Y629.163 Z6.944 E30506.229

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  • Anders S
    Anders S mod
    Answer ✓
    If you remove the colon sign and the text after the layer number it should be recognized at the import to 3DP PP , so it looks like this ;Layer 1 etc. 
    But even if the layer information is missing and you can´t use "Check Reachability", you can still export it to RAPID code and verify the reach with the Virtual Controller.
    Best regards,
    Anders Spaak
    ABB Robotics


  • renca
    Thank you Anders, it really helped.