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Connecting to single phase power

I have four robots.  3 of them require 3x480V and one, an IRB140 says 3x262V, 1x230V.  I have hooked up the 140 to 1x230v and the controller comes on and everything looks good until I try and move it.  It then says it is missing a phase.  Is there a setting that tells the controller to run on single phase?

In addition, I would like to know if anyone has ever used a rotary phase converter or a VFD to get 3 phase from single phase to run a robot?  I have the three world transformers, option 930-1.  But I would like to get these robots working, but I only have single phase power.

Any suggestions?


  • The photo shows the controller is for an IRB1600 not an IRB140?
    This is a panel mount controller which comes with a transformer as an option...
  • Yes, I see that it is showing a 1600, but it is connected to a 140 and has been running for years on this controller.  It does have the world transformer, 930-1.
  • The transformer will supply the correct voltage to the controller, you need to change the tappings to suit your input voltage.

    As you say you need to have three phase power, or a compact controller which runs off single phase power.
  • Update: I purchased a single phase to three phase controller.  Mine is single phase 240VAC to three phase 240VAC.  I then used the 220VAC tap in the world transformer and everything is working great.