IRB 1400 S4 Controller buy boot disk but can't use

i have a second hand irb 1400 M94A S4 Controller and a technician lost the boot disks, i investigate and found boot disk on internet but it wont boot since it don't have the correct key corresponding to the serial number of my robot, so i contact ABB and send me for 700 dll a compressed file with the boot disk, the thing is that it wont boot either the disk is labeled 3HAB2333-1/08 BaseWare OS 2.1 (say directly that it cant read the IOC file), so naturally i present this issue to the salesman but he tell me "we don't have support for that model anymore you are in your own", so i just play around with the versions that i found on internet and one version does boot (at least the first disk), the 3HAB2316-1/13 Basic 2.0 i just interchange the file, so it seems that my robot only is accepting certain version of software and i am stuck since the version that does read have 3 installation disk and the version that ABB send me only have 2 so interchange keys is not possible, any idea why my robot is not accepting the version provided for ABB.


  • I Do know from experience if you load the incorrect version it can lock the boards up. I had a problem with a 6400 m97 were the wrong version was loaded and I had to change the memory board. Also, if you are using a flash drive to load the keys, make sure they are good, I have had some go bad. The smaller the capacity the better (around 8g) works the best for me.
  • Fixuper
    Thanks for the response, this robot  loads with floppy disk, i know that there is an adapter but already swapped the floppy for and knowingly good unit and it shows the same behavior, i will try next week play with the root files since i have some experience in software develop, since ABB abandon me, i will post if i have any success hacking the software.
  • graemepaulin
    What is the serial number of your robot?
    What boards do you have fitted?

  • Fixuper
    The serial number is IRB 1400 - 2405 i have some photos of my board i haven't changed anything just swapped the floppy disk for a knowingly good unit. thanks for the response i attach some of the information that i originally deliver to ABB for the quotation, and i belive have something to do with the version of the software maybe my robot cant handle RW 2.1, if i replace the license to a RW 2 disk it try to load but only the first disk since RW 2.1 have 2 boot disk and RW 2 have 3 disk. i also attach the software that ABB sell me and wont work.
  • graemepaulin
    According to the information I have found your boards (335, 325, 317) can run 2.0, 2.1 or even 3.0.
    There is a note that for 2.1, and 3.0 the memory board (317) is the minimum required for the system to run with these two Baseware versions.
    The PROM chips (SBV for the D62 position and SDG for the D63 position) are also compatible with 2.0, 2.1, and 3.0.

    Our internal robot database shows this robot system was originally shipped from the factory with Baseware 2.1.

    From the zipped file the below folders are included:
     B2333--1.08# Baseware 2.1 boot disks (x2).
     B2337-1.04# System parameters disk (x1)
     B2338-1.06# Robot config disk (x1)
     B2344-1.00# Advanced Functions disk (x1) - only used if this option included in your system 
     B2346-1.01# Multitasking disk (x1) - only used if this option included in your system 
     B2347-1.02# Arcware disk (x1) - only used if this option included in your system 
     B2377-1.47# Teach pendant text disks (x2)

    So you should be able to boot the system using Baseware 2.1 - insert disk 1 of the two boot disks then follow the prompts on the screen.
    If you have issues clear the memory by disconnecting the batteries for at least 10 minutes (power off) before trying again.
  • Fixuper
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    Sorry for the wait i was in another part of the country making reparations to other machines.

    So thanks to the fact that this @graemepaulinlet me know that the version that ABB sent me is the correct one, I dedicated myself to isolating the problem,at when I started up it said that I had a problem with one of the batteries, so I changed them, I also realized that It could be that the floppy was damaged, so I asked for a floppy to usb emulator so that there would be no doubt, the thing did not change, it continues to show the error 'Error! Could not open IOC file, please restart the system'.

    I am thinking that maybe the IOC file that ABB send me is corrupt, in that case i only need the baseware 2.1 from another source and im good to go, but i search with no luck, if someone happen to have the files it will be much appreciate.

  • Sent you the files by private message.
  • Hi Graemepaulin. I am in the same predicament as the gentleman above I have a m94a 2400 could you send me baseware 2.1 Please thanks in advance.