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Facing Problem downloading the screen maker project in real controller.

I had a problem with the real controller, whenever I try to download my new screen maker project into the flexpendant (real controller) it downloads perfectly fine for the first time but after doing any change in the file it never replaces the old file with the new file. 

Also, I tried restarting the controller and then deleting the .dll files and then deploying the project again but still it never replaces the old file with the new file.

Moreover, even if i want to remove the project from the controller I cant remove it even if I had deleted all the .dll files.

my screen maker version is 6.11.151
and controller version is


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  • Tompanhuhu
    Tompanhuhu ✭✭
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    You have to restart the flexpendant, not the controller. Use the small hole in the back, push the plastic stylus in there.
    Or turn off the main switch on the robotcontroller shutting down the flexpendant. 
    Then your new dll is loaded.
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  • PalnaBodiwala
    This is the one rebooting the flex-pendant. I tried reboooting the flex-pendant as it was done before.
    It worked perfectly fine. Thank you.  :)