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[Request] Detailed Jogging View

It would be great to have a detailed Jogging View. Preferably on the right side. Something like this:

Or this:


  • Maxim Riabichev
    edited June 2022
    Hello Eric,

    Thanks for the suggestion.

    I will run this by R&D and get back to you.

    Maxim Riabichev
    PC Software Support Engineer
  • Hello Eric,

    Could you elaborate on your request - what exactly is missing from what can be shown currently in RobotStudio?


    Maxim Riabichev
    PC Software Support Engineer
  • EricH
    edited September 2022
    The whole bread and butter work is moving the robot and teaching positions. So I think it could be more convenient than how it is now.

    Here an example of the current process:

    There are 2 tools and 2 wobjs.

    To jog the robot, I have to right click on the robot in Layout (only in Layout) and hit mechanism joint jog or mechanism linear jog.

    To have both and therefore switch fast between them, I have to teardown both panels and arrange them properly each session.

    If I want to switch the tool now, I have to look at the bottom panel (which is only visible in home tab, so I have to switch to home tab). To make the robot use the tool, I have to switch to tool in the mechanism linear jog panel.

    Now I jog the robot to a proper position. After that the position has to be saved in an instruction.

    I have to make a path active, so I switch to paths&targets to make the right path active. Now I want to change instruction options (not jogging) from linear to joint as well as used tool and wobj (also only possible in home tab).

    To save the robot pose in a new instruction I hit teach instruction in the top panel.

    Next postion is better reached with a different tool. So back to bottom panel and switching the tool. Also it needs to be a fine position and speed should be v100. Now back to mechanism jog linear window and setting it properly. Ok the teached position doesn't need to be a fine point, so back to Paths&Targets then right click on instruction -> modify instruction -> etc.

    Here an example how the more convenient process could be:

    You switch to teaching tab and now you have all options on a side panel: Joint jogging, linear jogging, switching of active tool and wobj, switching of instruction options and selecting the active path, for creating a new instruction. Also changing of instruction options could be located there.

    So, this is more something for a faster and productive workflow. It is not about functionality itself.
  • Hello Eric,

    Sorry for the slow response.

    Thanks for the clear example.

    I ran this by R&D and they agreed that this sounds like a good idea.
    I have created a feature request for it, so now it's up to them to fit it into one of the iterations.

    I'll get back to you when I have more news.

    Thanks again!

    Maxim Riabichev
    PC Software Support Engineer
  • That's why I like ABB. :)

    Finally someone who hears the customer.