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How can I run the Screenmaker program on my Pendant?

I made a Screenmaker program and want to load it onto my pendant. The pendant is connected to my laptop via cable. In Screenmaker I connect to the pendant and it says that it is connected to the pendant. But when I click on deploy, the program does not appear on the pendant. I can find the file of the program on the pendant, but it does not appear as a menu option to start the program.

What am I doing wrong? How can I run the program?


  • SomeTekk
    edited June 2022

  • when deploying to a real IRC5 Flex Pendent it needs to be power cycled. On the back of the pendent in the center there is a pin hole that restarts just the FP. 

    Also just for reference when deploying the files it just loads the .dll and .gtpu.dll to the HOME directory on the controller.