Upgrade RW 5.61 to RW 6.13. How do I get the Boot Application Upgraded

I'm trying to upgrade an IRC5 to RW 6.13 using RS 2019 0r 2020 because for some reason the migration is gone in 2022. The main computer on the controller is a DSQC1000. I got the backup migration just fine but when I try to upgrade the boot application (Step 4), I just get this error saying "Invalid Program" "RobInstallAPI". I have no idea what this means or how to get around this


  • jmf
    I stand to be corrected but you will need to step the RW versions up until the required version is reached. ie. RW5.61 to RW6.0 then from RW6.0 to RW6.13 etc. There are migration data that is required for the newer versions which is added to an existing RW when doing the migration. Like I say, I stand to be corrected.