Measurement channel: disconnect at deactivate, reactivate with different counters

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We have realised a MultiMove system with 2 IRB4600 and 3 Turn/Tilt-tables. To realise the coordinated movement of the Turn/Tilt-tables we had to define the mechanical units double, once for working on robot1 and robot2. We had to do that, because the indexing table that changes the position of the stations from robot1 to robot2 is not driven by the robot, so the robot doesn't know, that the station1 is moved from robot1 to robot2.

We could realise the double mechanical units by using the option: disconnect at deactivation in the measurement channel of the parameter file: MOC.cfg. When you do that, you need to be sure, that when the axis is deactivated, it has to be within half of a revolution of the motor for this axis.

Our problem is now, that even if we activate and deactivate the mechanical unit within half of a revolution of the motor, we sometimes have a movement when we go with the axis to zero. This is like if the revolution counter of the axis were not zero while activating.

How can we prevent this problem?

The problems seem to appear after we move manually with the axis or if we release the brake of an axis to rotate the rotation axis manually. But also, in these cases we put the axis back to zero position.

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      -name "Rob1Rot1" -use_measurement_board_type "DSQC313" -measurement_link 2\
      -measurement_node 4 -disconnect_at_deactivate 

      -name "Rob2Rot1" -use_measurement_board_type "DSQC313" -measurement_link 2\
      -measurement_node 4 -disconnect_at_deactivate