Tooldata definition with Z&X orientation

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Dear community,

I am trying to redefine the TCP from the tech pendant of a tool (from which I don't have the CAD) and I am trying to defining with the method of Z&X orientation. I took the first 3 points orienting along X axis the world reference frame. I took the 4th point vertical to the world (as my tool) and X and Z alignments (the last two points) directly blocking along X and Z respectively before moving and saving the positions. I tried different times and I get that Y and Z positions of the tool are almost correct (measuring with the caliber) and X with a positioning ranging from -4000mm and 3800mm. What Have I wrong? 
Thank you so much in advance

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    First, check your calibration offsets and robot zero position.  Ensure that the correct robot model has been installed in the system.