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Cross Connection IO with Analog outputs

Hi Friends,

ist there a way doing that Cross connection in i/o system for an number (Analog Value) output not digital in or out?
It works fine in Robot Studio but not in the real controller

thx in Advance

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  • Forge_Engineering
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    Hi PeterPan, 

    How did you manage to do this in RobotStudio? Was that through the station logic under simulation? 

    In any case, in RAPID you can tie a trap routine / interrupt to an analog output or input value (see ISignalAO and ISignalAI in the RAPID instructions manual).
    This will require some forethought; you will need to set the aiotrigg condition to 7 to always trigger an interrupt on signal change, and also choose very carefully your DeltaValue as the interrupt will trigger whenever the analog signal changes by more than your DeltaValue, i.e. if you choose a value that is too small the interrupt will trigger continuously from random signal noise and it will slow down your controller.

    In the Trap routine just assign the value of one analog signal to the other or a RAPID variable, whatever you like.

    I would run this in a background task if you have the multitasking option so that it can run continuously even when the program is stopped if you need it, and understand that there will be some small lag between the input signal and output as well. 

    Good Luck, 



  • Thx Harry,

    that will work. Somehow didnt think of that. Had Background task in mind but not the trap.
    And yes in Robot Studio I did it in the Station logic in Simulation.