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How to power controller - New ABB transformer/RPC/VFD?

edited July 2022 in IRC5
Hi all, 

I have an opportunity to buy an old-ish but lightly-used IRB 1600-8/1.45 IRC5 very cheaply because they just want it out of their shop as it's taking up space. The problem is that it came prepared for 480 3-ph, which I certainly do not have in my home shop. 

This controller has a 4.2kVA power rating, so that means I need to supply it with ~5A @ 480V

So trying to figure out what someone here would do in my position. I could:

1: Buy a new (or eBay) world transformer, and a VFD. Tap the transformer to use 220V, feed the transformer with a 5HP VFD. The transformer on ebay is roughly $1100 because of the insane cost of shipping, I haven't gotten a quote from ABB. The VFD is roughly $250.

2. Buy a 200-220V ABB transformer (3HAC037016-001 I don't see any online, have not gotten a price from ABB yet but I imagine it would be expensive) and a rotary phase converter for roughly $1500 and power the transformer that way

3. Reverse-feed a 480-to-240 1-ph transformer, and put 1-ph 480V into a VFD and feed the existing transformer? 

I am thinking that #2 is probably the closest to the "right" way, but I'd like some opinions.