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Free Tutorial available now - How to create a WebApp on Omnicore

Dear All,The ABB collaborative robotics Incubator has produced a new tutorial for WebApp creation. The tutorial is called “How to create a WebApp on Omnicore” and  is available here: tutorial will teach you how to make a custom user interface for the OmniCore™ FlexPendant using common web technology.With the knowledge provided in this tutorial, you will be able to create Web Applications that can control robots and devices in a real application in the same way as in their virtual representation. Please feel free to comment under this post with your thoughts and improvement ideas. Our team will be monitoring and responding to your comments.Enjoy the tutorial!


  • Ricki88
    Regarding the tab container I have a question.

    When I'm programmatically changing the tab view with handler activeTab, I need to update some html elements to correct string values. For this procedur I'm using onchange async function and document.getElementById("elementID").innerHTML
    But when executing document.getElementById("elementID").innerHTML I end upp with error -->

    TypeError: Unable to set property 'innerHTML' of undefined or null reference

    What I have read, this error occurs when JS is running before the tab page have been finished loading.
    I have worked with robotics for long time but I'm new to web development so I can't figur out how to get this working.

    Also my local abb office have limited knowledge in WebApp and web technology so can you please provide me with support this way?