Linear Track Motion Direction Flip

bahar Germany

I am configuring an IRB6640 robot on a IRBT6004 rail, IRC5 with robotware 5.15 - where the direction of robot and the rail match but the track range is only in the negative range. 

it starts at 0 and ends at -9.4 meters 

Is there a way to flip this or do I have to live with it?


  • lemster68
    lemster68 United States ✭✭✭
    Change the sign of the gear ratio.
    Lee Justice
  • lemster68
    lemster68 United States ✭✭✭
    I was just going off the top of my head with the previous reply, so after looking in the system parameter manual, I would suggest calibration position instead.
    Lee Justice
  • bahar
    bahar Germany

    Thanks @lemster68 for looking into it and the multiple suggetions.

    if the gear ratio is the one in the configuration on robotstudio, that page is always empty for me, seems it is inaccessible. 

    As for the calibration position, while that makes total sense, I have a bit of a special case so I thought better to illustrate it as you see in the image below. 

    I have two robots mounted on a single rail. The robots are on mirrored trolleys, with the motors facing the middle of the rail (e.g. when you move both robots to meet in the center, the motors are on the inside of the trolleys and meet in the center)

    I suppose the integrator did that to make way for the cable chain of both robots, but it means both motors start at 0 at the ends and reach -4.7m at the center (total stroke length is 9.4 for each robot)

    While it is possible to start from 0 at the centers and reach positive 4.7 at the ends, I am trying to make it 0 at the edges for ease of programming

    The setup is meant to be for a flexible/adaptable work zones - where one project might have both robots working independently in equal zones and another with a robot parked at one end and the other working full length .. etc. 
    If I would need to reset the 0 each time through calibration (rather than changing the upper, or lower limit) it would be a hassle and might be easier to accept to work with the negative values. 

    However if the flipping is indeed possible it would be the best for this application. 

    I am looking more into the gear ratio inversion you suggested! 

    If anything comes to mind I'd appreciate it :) will post a solution if I find one eventually

  • How are the tracks and manipulators configured? Meaning; is one main controller handling path planning or 2 controls each with a track and articulated arm?

    Changing the calibration position is not a challenge, and as Lemster indicated changing the sign on the tranmisson gear ratio will change the direction the track moves when moving in a positive direction.

    As I have yet to experiment with the intricacies of base frame coordination I cannot offer any info about whether or not it is imperative to consider that when deciding on making your changes.
  • bahar
    bahar Germany
    Hey @SomeTekk thanks for the comment. 

    The robots have one controller each. The motors are on the inner side of the track (the trolleys are mirrored)

    I will be contacting ABB about this, and share any positive results soon!